Terms & Conditions

Contact me today to schedule a reading by telephone, Whats App and also online via zoom.

You are welcome to record your reading if you like, however I retain the copyright of any recording and the recordings are personal in nature containing sensitive information for the client, so the recording cannot be broadcast in public on social media for example in any form without my written consent to protect the privacy of the client.

A booking can only be confirmed after a reading has been purchased and payment is received.

For legal reasons I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only and that by purchasing a reading you are agreeing that you understand and accept this. I accept no liability for any actions or decisions that you take/do not take as a result of a reading. There are no guarantees given regarding the contents of any reading. For matters relating to Health, Finance and Law - you should always consult the appropriate professionals.

Your own free will, judgement and discretion are paramount. It is the decisions that you take that will ultimately shape your destiny.

When you buy a reading you are purchasing my time and expertise as an intuitive.

Missed appointments/bookings will be charged in full and no refunds given.

If for whatever reason, I am unable to connect, after 10 minutes I will stop the reading and repay your money. If within the first 15 minutes of your reading, you wish to discontinue for any reason, you may request a refund, but readings that continue past this point will not be refunded.

Please can you add the above writing contents to the terms & conditions page and create it so i can edit it in the future as my business evolves. I hope you can also restore my homepage becoz I created a mess on the homepage.

Thank you in advance

Anil Madahar at Angel Mystic