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"My very first time to Cassadaga and they were in the bookstores doing readings. I remember getting such a good feeling and they were so welcoming and gave me a lot of comfort and contentment. The reading was amazing and all five of us women were very pleased"

...Anonymous 11/08/2019

"Have known Verohnika and Patricia for several years. Their dedication, passion and their ability to connect intuitively. Clear guidance, emotional healing, and spiritual growth empowering others to reach client's highest potential. Seeing the transformations, I have referred lots of friends and people helping unconditionally and are always professional"

...Maria 11/13/2019

"Wanted to thank Verhonicka and Patrica for my mediumship reading . This reading turned out to be a very healing experience. Plan on making another appt. as a birthday Present to Myself! Thanks ladies!"

...Beverly 03/14/2020

"I met you guys at Kuppa time and I went to the fair at the Armory. During our talk you said I was at risk of a stroke. I went to my heart doctor and she said I have a-fib and have a chance of a blood clot or stroke. I got my medicine refilled and so am going back in three weeks."

...Erin 03/26/2020

"You 2 ladies are amazing. You’ve both been to our home to give readings and chakra workshop. Everyone (like 25 people) were amazed at the on point readings they got from you ladies. Thank you for the warm, kind and loving energy."

...Heidi 03/30/2020

"Patricia is one of the best psychics and herbalist I know of. She mentored me on many occasions on how to enhance my psychic abilities and done readings for me. She warned me about this man trying to kill me and he did not succeed. "

...Anonymous 11/08/2020

"Shortly after opening last year, Verohnika and Patricia have done about a dozen events and am extremely happy with them. They are gifted, kind, considerate and caring. My customers are always happy and have a high customer return rate. The atmosphere is so positive for days after" ...

...Kerry - Kuppa Thyme Owner 11/10/2019