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Who are we...

PATRICIA - Certified Naturopathic Nutritionist, Aromatherapist. Medium, Ordained Minister, Reiki Master Trainer, Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Retrieval Expert, Past Life Expert and Regressionist, Remote Viewer, NLP Practioner, Intuitive Herbalist, Angel Reader. light language and Galactic Council channeler.
So the story begins... *NDE - Near Death Experience at 7. A small pox vaccine led to losing her life. She went through this tunnel , hands were reaching and attempting to grab her as she fell. A hawk appeared and she heard "...You have to die to live" Let Go - Let God is what she did! The path appeared before her. There, she encountered torches and spirits dressed in robes with their backs turned. She walked into a cave . She was greeted by God's white light and an overwhelming feeling of love. Resistance to come back to Earth was strong. She was instructed to go back and help and has been dedicated to a lifetime of helping other lightworkers to ascend, evolve and develop themselves.

VEROHNIKA - Life Essence Practitioner, Healer, Intuitive, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Life Coach,  Celestial Communications, Angel Reader, Reiki Master Trainer, Past Life Expert and Regressionist, Remote Viewer, Medium, Aura-Chakra Expert, Certified Crisis Counselor
*NDE - Near Death experience at 8. A bad fall led to floating to the Heavens and meeting with Angels and GOD. Her time on Earth was not over. Overwhelming love created a resistance to come back. She reemerged very different... Her new Lifetime Mission was to unite light workers globally and help them Ascend and evolve.  
Extraterrestrial Abductee, Survivor. Counseled by angels, departed ones and Galactic Entities.  Descends from famous European and South American Mediums and Communicators of the Dead. ~ Expertise with clearing manifestations, negative energies and obstacles . Familiar with Santeria, Religious Practices, Unbinding, Cleansings and Entity Removal.


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