Q: I have questions I would like to ask?

A: I recommended asking questions near to the end of the reading, sometimes answers to your questions can come through a reading. When the reading is in full flow, asking questions can sometimes distract or disrupt this flow.

Q: I have specific areas I would like the reading to concentrate on.

A: Sometimes clients come for a reading because they feel trapped or cornered in a chapter or situation in their life that needs addressing. Angels and your spiritual support team give you what you need, and not always what you want or desire. They know ahead of time what they would like to channel and share with you about your life and personal situations. Please try to have an open mind and be prepared to be amazed. I know people can be desperate about finances, career, health or love matters but sometimes things can be resolved with guidance, and the energy of desperation can sometimes lower your energy and could possibly make it harder to tune in and connect.

Q: How does a reading actually work?

A: The reading is a process whereby the reader/channel meditates and raises their energy/vibration to a certain level where they can connect with the Angelic realm, Ascended masters, and your guides to channel their message directly without involvement of their mind/ego. Everything is energy vibrating at various frequencies, and the reader/channel can basically use their energy to act as an antenna to tune in and connect and transmit their messages.

Q: Will I receive any bad news or negative information?

A: Angels and your spiritual support team always come from a place of unconditional love and compassion. They are beings of light, but they can be direct and forthright with their messages if they feel it’s what you need and will create the desired outcome to help you get back on track. Sometimes our minds can be stubborn and our mind does not want to listen to certain aspects of ourselves. Remember you have your own free will and they cannot interfere in your life but you can ask for support and guidance if you’re open to it.

Q: How do I best prepare for a reading?

A If it’s possible sit quietly, empty your mind, try to relax. Drink water and stay hydrated, being dehydrated can leave you tired and lower your energy. Try not to eat too much near the time of your reading that too can lower your energy and make you feel tired and sleepy. If you’re into meditation, then that can help to still your chattering mind and make you relaxed beforehand. You can read my blog post “How to Prepare for an Angel Reading Session: Tips for a Meaningful Experience” 

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